3200 Washington Street

Branding / Identity / Website / Experiential

3200 Washington Street is a 73-unit apartment development located in Boston’s Jamaica Plain, a diverse neighborhood filled with artists, green spaces, restaurants, and a strong community spirit. Our branding for 3200 Washington embodies those characteristics through a vibrant, flexible system that celebrates the development’s community, urban wild, and local makers.

The fundamental element of the identity is the logo. Typeset in Font Bureau’s Garage Gothic, the mark is solid, urban, and deeply rooted in Boston aesthetics. The JP mark is a secondary element that showcases the building’s location.

We developed a palette of visuals to be used in concert with the logo. The line art patterns reference aspects of 3200 Washington and its neighborhood—the industrial history of the site, proximity to and historical significance of the subway, bike culture, and native plants in the urban wild.

Additionally, we designed various settings of “3200” with a variety of letterforms and fonts found in various applications around the neighborhood. These designs reflect the diversity of the community and the different strengths of the brand—in turns artistic, mechanical, historical, always vibrant, and with a strong eye to design in all its forms.