Koch Institute at MIT

Websites / Branding

Firmly rooted in the MIT educational mission, the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research takes an interdisciplinary approach to address some of the most complex problems in cancer medicine, collaborating with scientists, clinicians, and industry to develop solutions that can rapidly move from the research bench to patient bedside.

The Stoltze Team was selected to create a new website for the Koch Institute with improved navigability, an updated identity, and more engaging tools for displaying content. The project also included the creation of a website for Swanson Biotechnology Center users, as well as repurposing the KI Galleries website to fit its current use as a biomedical image archive.

Working closely with the client on a new approach to user experience and interface, our objectives were to modernize the Koch Institute’s visuals and experience; create clearer pathways for scientists, prospective donors, and KI staff; and enable these audiences to quickly learn more about the KI’s research, impact, and community engagement. The site’s new structure uses mega menus to expose the depth and breadth of the Koch Institute’s mission and services, and its refreshed color palette, photography, and bold patterns reflect the KI’s position at the forefront of integrative cancer research.

Launch Main Website
Launch Gallery Website