The Policy Lab

Branding / Identity / Print / Website

The Brown University Policy Lab brings together experts from government, universities, and community organizations to collaborate on research tailored to inform decisions about how to improve policies and programs across the state. The lab came to Stoltze Design Group to develop a brand for the newly formed organization in 2019 to use on their event graphics, website, and official communications. The engagement also included developing an identity for director David Yokum’s podcast, 30,000 Leagues, a forum for discussing work at the nexus of science, public policy, and life in general.

We turned to Somerville-based artist extraordinaire James Weinberg to help develop an impressionistic skyline graphic of the city of Providence, as well as a narwhal mascot in an underwater environment for the 30,000 Leagues podcast. James also has been producing a series of illustrations for the lab’s public lectures.