Williston Northampton School

Branding / Identity / Print / Website

The Williston Northampton School was having an identity crisis. The school’s seal was designed in the 1970s, but it felt more like a relic from Williston’s founding in 1841. It was used inconsistently, and proved difficult to implement both physically and digitally. Stoltze worked closely with the school community to create a fresh identity, messaging platform, website, and full suite of printed materials. The new mark retains historical gravitas, but is now as bold and forward-looking as Williston’s mission and values. Williston—the school’s conversational name—is front and center, but the open W reveals an “N” for Northampton. The final kit of parts includes a new athletic identity and updated seal for formal applications. It is equally at home on a diploma, uniform, or bumper sticker. Crisis averted!

Recognition: CASE District Silver Award in Print, CASE District Silver Award in Digital