Traditions Reimagined

With a 20-year track record of partnering with Harvard Business School, Stoltze Design Group was selected in 2020 to update the HBS identity. Our work included a new wordmark, typeface, color palette, and a set of custom patterns and graphics. Our goal was to develop a cohesive, flexible, and enduring identity system that could accommodate the many voices of HBS — from highly progressive to traditional gravitas — for at least a decade.

James Aris, project lead and creative director at HBS had this to say:
“The smaller wordmark footprint is fantastic and the consistency of having a single wordmark where we previously had two will be great for our market presence. The wider color palette with colors that can all work with crimson will increase flexibility and longevity. I really like the architectural patterns — they’re traditional but with a modern spin and are great for creating cohesion across materials.”

To learn more about the development of the new identity, here is a link to a recent interview with James, Clif, and Katherine.

Behind the New HBS Brand Identity: Q+A with the Designers