Eddie Martinez: Ants at a Picknic

Stoltze is delighted to share our eighth catalog collaboration with the Davis Museum at Wellesley College. Eddie Martinez: Ants at a Picknic is an oversized volume that showcases the seven monumental paintings and 17 sculptures currently on view in the museum’s rotating galleries. To reflect the scale, technique, and materiality of the work, we included each painting in its entirety, followed by two full-bleed, close-cropped details. These images capture spray-painted lines, impasto smears, pushpins—even baby wipes affixed to the canvases. To further express detail, tactility, and scale shift, we wrapped the black-on-black foil-stamped cover with a folded poster of the exhibition’s eponymous painting. For the headlines, we used a typeface that was appropriately loose and off-kilter. And it certainly didn’t hurt that it was named “Big Ed.”