MIT Edgerton Center

Identity / Branding / Website

Founded in 1992 to honor the legacy of Harold “Doc” Edgerton — inventor, entrepreneur, explorer, and MIT professor — the Edgerton Center cultivates an overarching ethos of building, learning, and sharing. Referred to as the place at MIT where fun happens, the center offers subjects in engineering and imaging, supports student clubs and teams, manages student machine shops, upholds MIT’s expertise in high-speed and scientific imaging, and offers a year-round K-12 program.

Stoltze Design Group’s work with the Edgerton Center began in 2012 with creating a new identity and a Drupal website. We recently redesigned the site to provide a fully responsive experience that showcases the Center’s photography, makes it easier for audiences to find the information they care about, improves the K-12 class registration process, and offers the Edgerton Center more flexible ways to enhance and promote their content. While we were at it, we made some updates to the identity system to make it feel more current and reflect the center’s spirit of exploration, collaboration, and discovery.

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