MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) is the largest department at MIT. Part of both the Schwarzman College of Computing and the School of Engineering, MIT EECS is widely recognized for its world-class faculty, who provide outstanding education and conduct innovative and award-winning research.

Stoltze Design Group was selected to completely reimagine and redesign the EECS identity and website to better position the department as a forward-looking and collaborative environment “where the future is invented.”

Our first challenge was to create an identity to represent not only Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, but also a third area of research, Artificial Intelligence + Decision-making. We achieved this by incorporating a 3-color dimensional mark that represents the distinct but interconnected research that takes place within the department. The mark also works well as a pattern that speaks to the broad impact the department makes on the world around us.

The new website was significantly reorganized to improve findability, and its UX overhauled to shift from a news-centric approach to one that met the core needs of EECS’ current and prospective students, as well as its faculty and staff. Degree pages were standardized and use modern typography and information design to clarify requirements; sections devoted to EECS’ breadth of research topics show off not just the department’s key areas of study, but also its faculty, labs, and related news; and a refreshed news and events section brings liveliness to the site with flexible imagery and video options.

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