Dana Hall School

Identity / Campaign / Viewbooks / Publications / Print

In 2020 the Dana Hall School engaged Stoltze to reimagine and reinvigorate their brand and admissions materials. As with many all-girls schools, Dana Hall’s reputation was misaligned with the quality and rigor of their academic program. They wanted a brand that would shake things up—emphasizing the energy of their campus and students, and the dynamic academic environment that prepares each attendee to excel in college and career.

We designed a new logo and identity for the school using modern typography and sprightly colors that demonstrated Dana Hall was a vibrant and vital community. The interlocking DH logo became an immediate icon in their materials and web presence—a strong contrast with the formality of the more traditional school shield that had been used in its place.

In partnership with Libretto, we then shaped a suite of admissions materials that helped launch the new brand under the headline “Audaciously Herself,” and featured photography by Tom Kates. When Dana Hall redesigned their website two years later, they did so using the brand design guidelines we developed.

Dana Hall Fearless Futures
Campaign / Identity / Publication

In 2023, Dana Hall again engaged Stoltze Design and our partners at Libretto to develop a visual identity and fundraising materials for their $75 million campaign—the largest in the school’s 142-year history.

We channeled the enthusiasm of the theme, Fearless Futures, to shape a bold visual identity that featured even more vibrant colors and a motif of arrows pointing toward tomorrow. The identity was specifically designed to complement our recent work on the overall brand, ensuring that the new campaign visuals—while fresh and exciting—still felt true to Dana Hall.

The campaign case statement featured an interior foldout on the central spread, which opened to unveil a unique pathway design that illustrated the fearless futures of several alumnae. The case statement was subsequently mailed in a customized envelope with eye-catching campaign branding.