Harvard School of Engineering

Identity / Branding / Website / Print

In 2017, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) embarked on a rebranding effort, culminating in a powerful, reenvisioned website. The rebranding coincides with their move as the primary occupant of the brand-new 500,000+ square foot Science and Engineering Complex in the expanding Harvard Allston Campus.

Stoltze led the visual identity, graphic guidelines and website charge, in partnership with the brand positioning and messaging experts at Libretto. Our design embodies the new tagline “where science and engineering converge.” Our biggest challenges were clarifying the hierarchy of a 10-word name, addressing an acronym that was not widely understood outside of the school, while retaining the school’s official shield. We devised a system that emphasized a simplified title—Harvard School of Engineering (HSE)—while retaining the full formal name. Through the use of contemporary fonts (PX Grotesk and Post Grotesk) and a re-energized color palette, we created a new brand identity that respects Harvard tradition, but propels the school into a bright future.

Launch Website

Harvard School of Engineering Website

The completely redesigned website incorporates new filtering features designed to highlight SEAS’ unique interdisciplinary nature, as well as vibrant photography to showcase the excitement and breadth of research at SEAS. A completely reorganized information structure, including standardized sections for all School teaching areas, improves ease of use while simplifying wayfinding across hundreds of pages.