Milton Academy

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Known for its vibrant community and intellectual rigor, Milton Academy is a co-ed preparatory school ten miles south of Boston. After a lengthy collaboration on their alumni publication, Milton Magazine, the school invited us to update their admissions catalog.

Our redesign introduced new hierarchy, a tactile navigation system, and an enlivened color palette, improving the relevance of the piece for both prospective students and admissions staff, who use it as a reference tool. Colorful infographics provide a high-level overview, while extended texts offer an in-depth perspective. Our chosen typefaces—Post Grotesk, Block Gothic, and Farnham—capture the blend of tradition and dynamism that make Milton what it is today.

Recognition: UCDA Excellence Award, InspirEd Brilliance Gold & Silver Awards

Milton Magazine

Starting in fall 2014, Stoltze undertook a complete redesign of Milton’s popular alumni publication, Milton Magazine. Since then, we’ve worked closely with the school’s editorial team, collaborating on a new issue each fall and spring. Milton provides rich photographic resources and editorial content, featuring alumni and student accomplishments. We integrate these with a flexible grid and lively typography—creating varied layouts and a vivid portrait of life at Milton.

Spring 2019 Issue Recognition: CASE 2020 Circle of Excellence Awards, finalist for the Robert Silbey Magazine of the Year Award