Deerfield Academy

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Stoltze Design Group was recently engaged to develop a new suite of admissions materials that celebrates the best of Deerfield Academy—one of the nation’s leading academic boarding institutions.

Since many students and parents turn to the internet to learn about the schools they are considering, we were challenged to set a new standard for printed admissions materials. In partnership with the messaging and communications firm Libretto, and working closely with the Deerfield communications team, we developed a solution that would pass this high bar.

In order to inspire—and reward—readers’ engagement with a physical suite of admissions materials, we designed a highly interactive, tactile solution that dovetails with the information on the website and introduces a fresh approach to typography. We highlighted the school’s five core values and the beauty of Deerfield’s natural setting to set them apart from their peers. This was captured in the simple phrase found on the cover of one of the pieces: This must be the place.

The final product featured three “viewbooks” joined together within a single slipcase. Each book focused on a different aspect of the school’s offerings, and each cover was designed to accommodate the central die-cut in the slipcase. The result was a mix-and-match experience that mirrors Deerfield’s flexible, student-driven approach to teaching and learning.

In other words, this must be Deerfield.

Admissions Materials Recognition: Gold Award in 2023 InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards