MIT Spectrum Magazine

Magazine / Editorial Design

For almost 20 years, MIT Spectrum has told extraordinary stories of MIT’s vision, impact, and community. When MIT launched its Campaign for a Better World, the newsletter surfaced as a critical campaign vehicle—but it needed a serious update. Stoltze dove into a full redesign, using fresh typefaces, a flexible grid, and experimental display type. We devised a modular content map that drives the structure of each issue, and introduced new visual points of entry to enliven the stories. To maintain the impact of the existing oversized format, we worked closely with the printer to maximize page size, printing economy, and mailing cost. The more elegantly proportioned piece is easier to handle, and can be mailed flat. The result is an easily scannable, dynamic piece that captures the spirits of inquiry, experiment, and play woven into MIT’s DNA.

Recognition: UCDA Excellence Award