The Putney School

Viewbook / Webpage

Putney is a progressive coeducational boarding school in Southern Vermont. Putney students are encouraged to participate actively in their education and in the day-to-day functioning of the campus, including a 500-acre working dairy farm. We took this dynamic hands-on approach as a starting point for a new admissions piece integrating the course catalog, student profiles, and viewbook into one.

Putney came to Stoltze to reimagine the packaging of the content, which included three distinct sections. The challenge yielded a unique result: We designed a modular book and introduced the title here students do to highlight different aspects of life at Putney; individual words from the phrase are highlighted on each corresponding cover—here (viewbook), students (profiles), do (course catalog). The wiro bound set can be reconfigured so that any of the three sections can appear first. Printing on uncoated paper and the use of hand drawn type and engraved line art further evoke the texture of a Putney education.

Recognition: CASE District Gold Award, InspirEd Brilliance Award